Top 10 – Theatre Shows in 2018

Always a fun and enjoyable task is looking back at everything I managed to see at the theatre (read this) during the course of a year and putting together my favourite 10 shows! It becomes increasing difficult each year and that is only a good thing as just shows that the standard of theatre is so high!

Here we go then my 10 favourite shows of 2018 . . .

10. Pretty Woman the Musical (Review)

Pretty Woman on stage in musical form with Bryan Adams involved in the writing of the music? I just happened to have a trip to New York . . . Obviously I had to see this one. I was taken in by it and enjoyed seeing one of my favourite films on stage with the rock music feel and lovely routines. Great to see Samantha Barks on a Broadway stage too!

9. Art, the Play (Review)

I never go and see enough plays, luckily I caught Art this year and was blown away by how relevant it still is. Highlighting that art is very subjective which is like a lot of things in life and that is certainly something to make you think about how you talk to people and how you respect them. Weather you like that piece of art or not! Three friends discussing it and then it spills into so many different issues.

8. An Officer and a Gentleman the Musical (Review)

The second film that Richard Gere was in turned musical in my list this year and I don’t even care! This musical was just great with 80s songs galore throughout it. An amazing cast led by Jonny Fines and Emma Williams who certainly create a great atmosphere and passion on stage. You might know and love the story but the fact it has the songs in and the routines on stage really do make this one more than worth seeing.

7. My Fair Lady (Review)

All I want is a room somewhere . .  . A musical I have adored for as long as I can remember with so many memorable songs and moments. A special experience to see this in New York at the Lincoln Centre which is an amazing venue. The cast was perfect and the stage set up was great, not your traditional stage which added to the feel of the musical.

6. Legally Blonde the Musical (Review)

Who doesn’t love the film Legally Blonde? Even if you won’t admit it I am sure you do! I was lucky enough to see this hilarious musical for the first time this year on it’s most recent UK tour and I totally loved it. Seriously why had I never seen this one before? That was what I was wondering throughout, all of your favourite moments from the film on stage along with some very clever and hilarious songs with amazing dance routines. What more could you possible want in a musical? Bend and Snap!

5. Dusty the Musical (Review)

I have always found myself adoring Dusty Springfield’s music and this is the second musical we have had with her songs in as many years. But as Son of a Preacher Man was just using the songs with a strange story. Dusty the Musical is the one we had been waiting for, a look at her complicated life and dealing with addiction and surviving in the public eye. Addressing her sexuality and the struggles she faced right up to the end. It made you know her more whilst also appreciating the songs as well as a star performance from Katherine Kingsley as Dusty.

4. Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (Review)

In musical terms this one is still very new after a successful opening in Sheffield it was transferred to the West End and I started my year with it, since January it has gone from strength to strength seeing it being extended and having a live cinema experience (which I obviously went to see). It is such a fun show with some catchy songs, but more importantly messages about being yourself and how to deal with that meaning you are different to others.

3. Hamilton (Review)

When the biggest Broadway hit in years was transferring to the West End it was always going to be a must see! Lin-Manuel Miranda has such a unique style and considering I really do love In The Heights I just had to go and see Hamilton. The tickets were quite difficult to buy but as long as the day they release more you have a few dates and are on the time they go on sale then you will be able to secure a ticket. It is a very special show in terms of it being so different to anything you have seen before. An alternate take on the founding fathers of the United States with hip hop and rap style songs mixed into the story.

2. Follies (Review)

The thing about Follies is that I totally loved the songs Broadway Baby and Side by Side by Side before seeing the show. That then means you hold those songs in such a high regard and anticipate them within the show. Luckily this was an amazing production and I caught it the night before it closed, hence why it is on my 2018 list when most people would have seen it in 2017. I seem to have a thing about seeing Imelda Staunton on stage and she never ever disappoints!

1. Company (Review)

This is a truly outstanding show and more than deserves to have my top spot in this list, it was the first time I had the pleasure of seeing it and I can now fully understand the hype surrounding it. They gender swapped Bobby for the first time ever and I think that really helped the way I loved the show, it felt like the character is what I am going to become as not really too far away from turning 35! Everything about this show is amazing, with the outstanding performances and getting to see the legendary Patti LuPone on a West End Stage was something special “I’ll Drink to That” along with that Rosalie Craig us utterly amazing too!


What were your favourite shows in 2018? 

4 thoughts on “Top 10 – Theatre Shows in 2018

  1. Yes, Samantha Barks AND Laura Benanti in the same list!

    I would have loved to see a gender-swapped version of Company although I feel they shouldn’t have turned that couple into a gay couple because I feel the gender-swap should have been the only change so as not to alter too many variables at once for a better way to compare.

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