Back to the Future Part III (1990) Review


Doctor Emmett Brown is living in 1885 but when he is about to be killed Marty must travel back to that time to save him!


I always find this part of the series to be the one which lacks a little bit compared to the first two. In all honesty I am not entirely sure why I have always felt like that towards this part and that hasn’t changed with my most recent viewing. As Marty travels to 1885 and becomes Clint Eastwood, yes I do like that part as think it is rather amusing to link in with him being Calvin Klein.

When Marty receives a letter in 1955 from 1885 after returning to 1985 it all begins to be a little bit strange that the letter has been waiting all those years in the Police Department to give to Marty when the time came. I do think that makes the storyline very clever though I will admit that.

As usual Marty messes a little bit with his family history as he meets his Grandfather as a baby, of course another thing to totally mess with your head with the time continuum! Although it is great to see Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd in the now iconic roles yet again. They really do work fantastically together and I really do think Lloyd is just something else in this type of comedic role.

The setting being in the wild west makes it pretty much a parody of a western. I think it then just takes everything away from the whole future part when nearly all of this film is set in 1885. I guess thinking of a bigger picture it shows that you wouldn’t really be able to mess with the future or the past and still have the same present. So maybe the messages in this film series are actually a lot deeper than we first think. Let’s face it Marty manages to cause so many small issues each time they travel!

When watching all three films back to back to gets pretty tough going by this one, which is a bit of a shame. Although I am pleased that they decided to stop at three and have a nice trilogy. Also they did predict the future about the amount of sequels we would get for certain film franchises, at least this did not become one of them. I could be speaking too soon and they might attempt to remake this? Although I would hope that it could not be remade now! Fingers crossed as nothing seems to be safe at all now.

How do you feel about this film in the trilogy?

9 thoughts on “Back to the Future Part III (1990) Review

  1. I prefer III over II, purely because II gets a bit convoluted in places, although the alternate 1985 is fun. III is a great ending to the trilogy and I agree with you that it should not be remade or any more sequels.

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      • To be honest they’re both quite similar. III in terms of the structure of the story, which is not a bad thing. II obviously revisits the first one in its second half. I find III funnier as well, how it plays with the cliches of the Western genre.

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  2. The third film is my least favourite because it is a bit chaotic – like the two main characters decided to have a lot of fun with wild west memorabilia on set without any deep thoughts where it is all going to lead. And the result, as you also mentioned that word – feels like parody.
    My favourite is the first film followed by the second. I also agree that no remakes should be made.

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