Cineworld’s 4DX Experience!

A very exciting event happened yesterday (Wednesday 20th December 2017) and at Cineworld Newcastle they opened a 4DX screen! Which is brilliant for a couple of different reasons, it gives another option for something different at a Cineworld cinema in the North East and it shows the investment that is being put into that cinema since Cineworld took it over from Empire in the summer!


What is 4DX I hear some people ask?

It’s a pretty incredible idea to have you more involved in the action onscreen than ever before. So you watch the film in 3D, yeah we’ve done that loads of times over the years now right? Of course, and in all honesty it isn’t my favourite way to watch a film but it totally works for this experience. But you also have a motioned chair, which moves quite a lot!

This actually sees you sitting rather high up as a foot rest is on the bottom and it is very comfortable. Although you might change your mind about that as it moves and vibrates to correspond with different moments in the film you are watching. Along with the moving vibrating seat, you also get other special effects as well. Which include smoke, wind and water. Sometimes the smell even changes slightly. Not forgetting the lights at the top of the screen as well!


In the build up I was a little unsure to how it was going to be but it really was more than worth it. I think it will massively depend on which film you choose to watch in this format. The choices are pretty limited and big action films seem to be the obvious choices as I had a look at which films were shown throughout this year.

Luckily I went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi which was outstanding. You could feel all of the motions like you were on the different ships! Feeling like you were getting a better look at different islands as the seat raised and lowered you around taking it all even in. Not forgetting some water and plenty of air at the side of your head. Brace yourself for the fight scenes as you still feel part of the action!

My First 4DX experience! Star Wars so had to bring out the Stormtrooper glasses! 

This is certainly something I would do again when I find another film that will be as incredible as Star Wars was in this format! Well, worth the trip to experience this if you haven’t already. As an Unlimited Card holder you just have to pay a small uplift fee, why not its new and different!

Also must say fantastic to go into a brand new cinema screen on the day that it opened. I think that would be great even without it being the new 4DX screen. I hope it is really successful and will be looking on in 2018 to see which films will be next!

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Maze Runner: The Death Cure are two other films that will be shown! Big well done to Cineworld!


6 thoughts on “Cineworld’s 4DX Experience!

  1. I dunno, this makes the cinema more an entertainment ride than what I’d consider a film experience. Story and drama is rare enough, being slung around in my seat with water sprayed in my face wouldn’t make Jaws any better or the viewing more enjoyable. Call me a miserable old bugger, but in my mind this kind of thing only encourages the dumbing down of cinema. Bah Humbug and all that!

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    • Haha, I can totally understand where you’re coming from with that! I wasn’t so sure before I went, but it really did add extra elements to Star Wars. I am not sure how other films will feel like in this format. I guess it’s a gimmick and not something I will do very often. It doesn’t constantly throw you about, just fits in with scenes in the film. It is very interesting.


  2. Here the thing My second cousin went to the 4DX experience he had the unlimited card so he had pay 4 euros more. However I have th other unlimited card that does not allow that unfortunately. One of those day I will go to experience it. He loved it. Nice post.

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