The Resident (2011) Review


Juliet Devereau a young doctor who has just moved into a new apartment in Brooklyn after splitting up with her boyfriend Jack. Looking to live on her own and with Max giving her a very good deal, she feels that something just isn’t right . . .


I have thought about watching this film a few times now when seeing it on Netflix, I am a big Hilary Swank fan so eventually decided to watch it. I now have to say that I kinda wish I hadn’t bothered to be brutally honest. We don’t get anything new or groundbreaking in this one and because we actually know who it is in her apartment from the very start totally kills any twists and turns the film could have had.

Max was creepy from the off and let’s face it the only reason she puts up with it is because he is good-looking. If he wasn’t then it totally would have been a different story. August his grandfather seems a little creepy as well, but don’t expect much from that part of the story either. Which was such a shame considering Christopher Lee was in that role and we all know he can be creepy in anything. Inside he is wasted in a couple of scenes!

It had the potential where the viewer could have been very creeped out and jumpy as Juliet struggles to adapt to her new apartment. Having know idea that gaps in the walls allow Max to watch her every move through peep holes. You see if we didn’t see him doing that it could have kept everything on edge and the suspense would have been great. But no we see everything. Although I shocking scene does occur after she gets cameras installed and has to watch a horrific event happening to her without remembering it at all.

The introduced of her former boyfriend Jack and them appearing to make up really does push Max to the edge. The only reason Juliet thinks something extra strange is going on is when she cannot wake up in time for work even with an alarm going off, good job she’s a doctor though and can very easily and quickly have a blood test done!

I just think the plot had too many holes in it from start to finish and just didn’t flow very well at all. I was actually tempted to turn it off a couple of times but with any film in the thriller/horror genre you always need to then know what happens in the end. Maybe that is a very small positive from a very lacklustre and dull film? More Christopher Lee could have made a big difference! Not the greatest performance from Skank but she didn’t have much to really work with. Jeffery Dean Morgan showing why he’s best suited to TV shows rather than films? That might be a little harsh but he really was not very good in this one at all. Best to avoid this one if you can help it!

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