Death Race (2008) Review

Jensen Ames is an ex-con and forced to compete in a car race which sees inmates attempt to kill each other on the road to victory.


Before I even begin to mention the film, I thought I should state that I am a fan of Jason Statham. Yes he is not the best actor in the world but there is just something about him that I find so attractive about him. Isn’t it a shame though that he does films like this which are just not good at all.

This film was really just lacking quite a few things, the big gaps between the action and actually thinking that convicts would be allowed to race cars against each other for the sake of a TV Show is just so off the page. It was hard to even imagine that this type of thing could happen. I know in quite a lot of action films you think that it would not be possible for situations to happen, however I think the better action movies have a few instances which could actually happen in real life.

I cannot even seem to write a long review for this film, as it really was not memorable. I will say that this is a film which I will not be watching again any time soon.

3 thoughts on “Death Race (2008) Review

  1. After seeing this film at the cinema and not being impressed I decided to revisit the original. When I was a kid Death Race 2000 was a must see gore film bordering on a video nasty. Watching it again I was really pleasantly surprised. As you would expect it has really dated and the low budget sets, costumes show up as does some of the dodgy acting. What surprised me was that it actually isn’t very violent or gory, it is actually quite a cutting satire that is still relevant today.


  2. ‘It was hard to even imagine that this type of thing could happen.’ – wow, you really approached this one in the wrong way..
    of course its utter guff, but it is fun diverting guff and is the only movie that will ever have the great Joan Allen uttering the following line: ‘Okay c**ks**ker. F**k with me, and we’ll see who s***s on the sidewalk.’


  3. Good call, McG — Joan Allen’s so vanilla. This is the one time I remember her putting legions of sailors to shame.

    Definitely a terrible movie. Bad dialogue, dumb plot (plot? what plot?), bad everything, really. But I have this fondness for Jason Statham that makes me watch all his movies. “Death Race,” however, is one I will not see twice.


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