Hellboy (2019) Review


Hellboy has been caught between worlds for many years now and grown up on earth. So he is stuck between the supernatural and human and must battle to help his “father” Professor Broom and the agents in both the US and UK.

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Game of Thrones (Season 6) Review


Number of Episodes: 10
Running time: Approximately 55mins per episode

As the Starks are attempting to get Winterfell back they must come up against the other noble families of Westeros for the Iron Throne.

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Death Race (2008) Review

Before I even begin to mention the film, I thought I should state that I am a fan of Jason Statham. Yes he is not the best actor in the world but there is just something about him that I find so attractive about him. Isnt it a shame though that he does films like this which are just not good at all.

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