Geordie the Musical Review



Eleanor Chaganis – Maggie Melia

Micky Cochrane – Tommy Armstrong

Phil Corbitt – Robert Charlton

Adam Donaldson – John Thompson

James Hedley – Joshua Adams

Viktoria Kay – Bella Melia

Luke Maddison – Michael Cumisky

Donald McBride – Oliver Heslop

Dale Meeks – James Melia

Written by – Tom Kelly

Story by – Andy Bogle

Date: Friday 13th October 2017

Venue: Tyne Theatre and Opera House

I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Geordie the Musical back in 2015 when it was first performed at the Customs House in South Shields (read my review here). I absolutely adored it, combining a nice story along with many regional songs, some of which I already knew thanks to my Grandad and supporting Newcastle United. Others were new, so getting the chance to hear them again and see this just lovely show I jumped at the chance as soon as the tickets went on sale for the performances at the Tyne Theatre and Opera House, which also meant the first visit to that incredible venue which is celebrating 150 years!

The story all takes place within the Wheatsheaf pub with the owner still recovering and coming to terms with no longer being able to work down the mines, having regular customers who come in for a few pints after work and ending up in song about times gone by. Work still going on in the mines and the thriving ship yards. Oliver Heslop has been studying the dialect and that leads to John Thompson from Oxford University coming to the pub to further to studies.

It really does raise the questions about dialect and accents something which we have certainly lost a lot of and are losing it more and more as time goes by. Everything is becoming more condensed and it is such a shame as so many fantastic words are in the Geordie accent. I love how within the show we are educated to when a word was stemmed from, especially crack . . . Everyone thinking that is a very new word!

It doesn’t really seem like just over two years ago since I saw this show, but it was fantastic to see it again. Only one cast change from that time saw the addition of Dale Meeks stepping in as James the landlord of the Wheatsheaf. All of the performances are fantastic with some truly amazing vocals.

Adam Buckham
Keep Ya Feet Still Geordie Hinny
The Trindon Grange Explosion
Gan Te The Kye
The Landlord’s Dowter
The Keel Row
Cushie Butterfield
Byker Hill and Walker Shore
Howdon for Jarrow
Geordie Black
Wor Nanny’s Mazor
The Water of Tyne
Jemmy Jameson’s Wherry
Oakey Strike Evictions
Hav Yer Seen Wor Jimmy?
Blaydon Races

The ending is pretty incredible with Blaydon Races and everyone in the audience joining in! I once again hope that this won’t be the end of this fantastic show and that it keeps coming back and popping up in different theatres around the North East. Once again a huge well done to the writers, The Customs House and the truly talented and incredible cast!

5 thoughts on “Geordie the Musical Review

  1. How I wish I had been able to see Geordie Musical, but familiar with some of the cast, James Hedley, Mickey Cochrane, Victoria Kay, and Jamie Brown, all who contributed to honouring my Great-Grandfather Joe Wilson in a run through of Ed Waugh’s upcoming play (2018) on Joe, ‘The Gallowgate Lad’, in June 2016, And ‘Joe Wilson Night’ November 29, 2016, and who I was privileged to meet and enjoy their company in Newcastle. I consider myself now an honourary Geordie, and when it comes to Geordie dialect I do understand more, but wish to learn the speaking of it. Such talented actors, singers, musicians in the North East, and salt of the earth friendly people. Bravo to all such Canny Lads and Lasses! 🙋Kasandra in Halifax Nova Scotia

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      • Just a head’s up on Joe Wilson Night , the second performance ( the first November 29, 2016) on his birthday, November 29 2017, at the Irish Centre nr Stowell Street. The first production was so well received, it will be an annual event, produced by Ed Waugh, playwright extraordinaire. I was privileged to be there, could hardly believe I was there to honour my Great Grandfather Joe, it was a brilliant production! Many of the actors/singers above listed in my first comment on Geordie Musical took part in the Night, will take part this November. Wish I had a magic carpet to fly to Newcastle for this awesome Night! Tickets going fast, I’m told.

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