The Death of Stalin (2017) Review


The last days of Stalin and then the absolute chaos which occurs after his death! With some rather slapstick comedy moments as well as stupid moments.


Sometimes you should really check out more about a film before you rush to the cinema from work to see it, yes I blame Cineworld for it being an Unlimited Screening and I still get a kick out of watching a film before its official wide release date. That meaning I had no idea if the film was serious or a comedy, even when watching I was often doubting what it was supposed to be. It was somewhere in the middle of those two things and certainly not my type of thing. I was therefore shocked to see the extremely high ratings it has received so far in the reviews.

Probably a bit of a negative way to start this review but I felt that I needed to explain my lack of knowledge about the film, I am not entirely sure if I had even seen the trailer in all honesty. The film has a pretty impressive cast in all honesty and does not mess about with the accents, everyone is supposed to be Russian but you really would not know that if they didn’t have the names across the bottom. Each actor just has their normal accent, which for the majority is British.

Therefore I think this is going to be one of those films that I just really don’t get all of the hype around, you know it happens every now and again when everyone seems to absolutely love a film and you have no idea why and totally miss everything they rave about. Although this is the second time it has happened in the last month. I just feel like films which try to be a little more off the wall and different like this one seem to get a following and that leads to people thinking they are better than everyone else.

I will admit that I felt it improved slightly when Jason Issacs came into it as I actually found him hilarious, just a shame his role was pretty small really. I laughed a couple of times I think the screening I was in at the cinema people weren’t really sure if it was ok to laugh or not at times. I am guessing they maybe didn’t have a clue what they were watching either.

I cannot actually recommend this film as I didn’t enjoy anything about it to be brutally honest. I cannot really see it being big at the UK box office either really but I guess time will tell on that one. Please let me know your thoughts if/when you decide to watch this film as I really would like some different opinions and to find out if anyone actually felt the same way I did. I do realise that I haven’t really mentioned much about the story but it was pretty much just the aftermath of Stalin’s death . . .


5 thoughts on “The Death of Stalin (2017) Review

  1. I was actually quite lucky because I saw the trailer earlier in the day (before seeing Blade Runner) so I knew it would be an Armando Iannucci political satire – not normally my thing.
    But watching it at the Screen Unseen, I actually enjoyed it far more than I thought I would, despite not being a fan of satire and not knowing much about Stalin-era Soviet history.
    I thought the script was sharp, the physical comedy was divine, the cast was excellent and at the end of the day, it was just so much fun to watch a group of grown men bickering! 😅
    Loved the “switching places during the funeral” part in particular!

    If you’re interested:

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    • Yeah I did laugh at that switching places part, maybe just maybe if I had been more prepared with what the film was going to be like I might have enjoyed it more. Glad you did though!

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    • I so agree with you. I could not work out if it was meant to be a comedy, documentry or what.the screening in our cinema was not that well attended and you did get the feeling at times folk were not sure whether to laugh or not….most decided on the latter.this was one film that did not rock my boat.

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