Geordie The Musical – Customs House – Review


Eleanor Chaganis – Maggie Melia

Micky Cochrane – Tommy Armstrong

Phil Corbitt – Robert Charlton

Adam Donaldson – John Thompson

James Hedley – Joshua Adams

Adele Lowe – Bella Melia

Luke Maddison – Michael Cumisky

Donald McBride – Oliver Heslop

Shaun Prendergast – James Melia

Written by – Tom Kelly

Story by – Andy Bogle

Show Date – Saturday 5th September 2015 (2:30pm)

A very local themed musical celebrating the Geordie dialect and pretty much language. It certainly touches you and makes you think how sad it is that only a handful of these words still remain in the current day. So I think it is massively important to have a musical that celebrates and remembers some incredible songs that were written such a long time ago. I will also admit that I had to very carefully listen at times to make sure I was understanding all of the different words.

Not only does it celebrate and highlight some very clever songs, it has a story to go along with it. Showing how somethings have changed a lot but the importance of family, friends and a community still stand very strong to this day. Especially when a song my grandad used to sing to me is included in the show, that being “Keep ya feet still Geordie Hinny”.

We get a little bit of insight into working down the pit, or on the shipyard and how women were very much seen as second class. But nothing was saying that was not going to change. We get a family owned pub and how it really brings people together. We also get a man from Oxford who is studying language which created some hilarious moments and also had a touch of a Geordie version of My Fair Lady.

The songs fit in very well to help tell different stories, who wouldn’t have wanted to visit the Wheatsheaf pub if it meant a little sing along in the story telling? It was very clever and fantastic from start to finish. A very talented cast were put together for this production and it could not have been easy to learn and remember some of the very tricky dialogue and songs. Something I am sure they all enjoyed very much, as that is something that came across very well sitting in the audience.

There was a fantastic atmosphere in the audience and I could not help but to tap my foot along to the different music. At 28 years old I will admit that I did feel on the young side, but I think this type of musical should be used in schools to help educate children on how incredible the Geordie dialect was (and how the accent still is) and that is something to be very proud of.

I am very pleased to say that I went to see this heartwarming and very educational show at the Customs House in my home town South Shields. I really do hope that this gets to come back again, or even head to different theatres around the North East. I am proud of my accent and it’s such a shame it’s something that we often try to hide in this day and age!

Massive well done to everyone involved in this production!

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