Paper Towns (2015) Review

Quentin has been in love with Margo since she moved in the house across the road to his, they used to be very close friends but high school seemed to get in the way of all that. Until an all night adventure happens and Quentin thinks he has a chance . . .

Now I must start by saying that this film was not how I expected it to be at all. I thought it was going to be more of a love story. Ok yes it does have a love story but I was expecting it to be a different type of love story. This is not a bad thing however as let’s face it isn’t unrequited love often the most common yet less talked about.

Anyway the plot of the film is a bit strange and at times all over the place. I think mainly because Margo is not likeable at all. I mean you have to feel something towards the main characters or you aren’t really going to care about the ending/outcome of the story. Let’s face it she is a little ok very off the wall and something else really, always up to something and leaving little clues around mainly for her younger sister to let her know that she is alright. That is something that turns out to be very important, as Q hunts through clues and follows her messages, but maybe a little bit too closely?

Q is so confused by his feelings and clear undying love for Margo that he will do anything for her. Including changing his normal ways and forgetting (briefly) his goals in life. Like getting up in the middle of the night to drive her around and pretty much commit crimes. As she gets her own back on her cheating boyfriend and not worthy friends.

I guess the fact that this film was totally different to what I expected did not help my enjoyment or lack of enjoyment throughout the film. It does try very hard and has a few different characters in but not many are likeable at all. Even Q who we are supposed to be behind and want to succeed doesn’t really do the right thing when it comes to his friends. Something I guess happens an awful lot when it comes to “love” forgetting those around you who will always be there and never actually leave no matter how badly you may end up treating them.

This all being said I did like that the ending was not a happy one. Because in life how often to we really get that happy ever after? Not very often that is for sure, so while I didn’t like most of the film the ending was something I thought was right and fit in very well with the story. If it had a happy ending the whole point of it all would have been lost, I cannot really elaborate on that anymore without major spoilers, so if you see or have seen this film I am sure you will understand what I mean.

3 thoughts on “Paper Towns (2015) Review

  1. Cool review yo. I saw this film a few weeks back strangely it was something that I liked and disliked at the same time. Like you this film didn’t turn out how I expected, there was a love story for sure, but it also felt like a road trip and coming-of-age kind of tale and the focus on Q and his friends going on this adventure was probably the more interesting side of things to me. I thought the plot was interesting and the way the film ended, while not exactly happy or fully satisfying, felt realistic and worked within the context of the story.

    But I will say that Margo wasn’t too likeable, I was trying to figure out what Q saw in her (besides the fact that she’s pretty and they shared a great night together) and when you ultimately find out what’s going on with her it makes the whole film feel like a bit of a waste of time, sure it was unintential but at the same time it was just plain mean.


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