Uncle Buck (1989) Review


Buck must do his brother a favour and babysit his children when a family emergency occurs. This includes having to deal with a very rebellious teenager!


If you grew up in the 90s like I did then you have probably seen this film many times over the years, I hope I am not the only one as this is such a classic comedy from John Hughes. The outsider in a family who now must do everything he can to fit in and help out. Buck is a slob and bachelor who has never really thought about having a family no matter how hard his long-term “girlfriend” Chanice has tried.

Buck immediately clashes with Tia who is going though a lot of different things as she is trying too quickly to grow up. Miles and Maizy on the other hand absolutely adore their crazy Uncle who acts very much the part of a clown but gets them very firmly on side right away. The age thing is a huge factor when it comes to that.

As much as the comedy and the craziness of Uncle Buck makes you laugh out loud, the film does have some just well lovely messages. It wouldn’t be a John Hughes film if it didn’t do that in all honesty. I find that this has been a good film to watch again and again over the years as you then view it from a slightly different opinion. You want nothing more than to see Buck eventually sort his life out and be not only a good Uncle but a good guy as well. Although maybe that isn’t the best way to explain it as he isn’t really a bad guy but just making better choices.

I mean come on after watching this film who didn’t want those huge pancakes when it was your birthday? Also have to mention when he punches the clown as that was just hilarious and served him right for turning up drunk!

John Candy certainly had something very special about him when it came to film and I think he has such a loveable charm no matter which film you watch him in, this one is no different. Such a shame he died at a rather young age. I keep finding some of his lesser known films appearing on Streaming Services and always just have to watch them. I really do recommend this one if you have not seen it as come on Macaulay Culkin is in it too!

Didn’t everyone want Uncle Buck to be their Uncle as well, come on he totally would have your back and not tell your parents everything. The part with the electric screwdriver is just absolutely brilliant. I hope many others share my love for this film, I actually always forget just how good it is until watching it again. It certainly has got even better over time as well, not really showing a massive amount of age mainly because the morals are still the same to this day.

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