7 Reasons You Should See Young Frankenstein the Musical


I was lucky enough to get to see this incredible show three times when it held previews in Newcastle, I fell in love with the show and thought I would put together a list with some reasons why you just have to see it in the West End. It opens at the Garrick Theatre tonight for previews.

I don’t really remember a musical really pushing itself on TV shows like this one has to help raise awareness and publicise the show. Something that I think it just wonderful, more shows should do this like they do with films and having the actors talk about it. I would love to see more shows follow this lead to really get Theatre out more on prime chat shows!

1. Mel Brooks has been heavily involved
At the age of 91 years old still not stopping this legend who has been hugely involved in making this show work, changing some of the musical numbers from the previous Broadway run and getting involved in the rehearsals as well as coming up to Newcastle for the previews. Which meant I was lucky enough to see him on stage (here). I think this just shows how much he wants to make it work, and I certainly think it does! Working with Susan Stroman as the director always seems to produce good results.

2. The amazing cast

Each member of the cast is just outstanding, really bringing the characters you already know and love to life before your eyes. Hadley Fraser is an incredible lead, with his acting and singing ability being fantastic. Ross Noble being able to add the comic timing so perfectly. Dianne Pilkington totally steals the scenes she is in with two brilliant songs. Lesley Joseph gets the raunchiest number! Summer Strallen is given a very difficult task as Inga but nails it. Patrick Clancy gets everyone laughing with his song! Not forgetting Shuler Hensley as the Monster. Honestly a truly talented cast!

3. Tribute to the film
Everything from the film is on stage, every single hilarious moment and joke is acted out and something is very special about seeing it all performed live. It really does show just how much the film is loved and appreciated. If you haven’t seen the film before, I really do recommend that you watch it before seeing the show, you will understand why people will be laughing so much at different moments. What hump?

4. Very clever songs/musical numbers

In addition to the film tribute and moments that are well-loved we are given a truly incredible selection of musical numbers. Which are then added in such a brilliant way, extending the scenes with very clever lyrics which are outstanding.

5. Lesley Joseph’s number ‘He Vas My Boyfriend’
I have always been a massive fan of Lesley Joseph so to see her in a role like this and get a totally filthy musical number is just fantastic. Everything about this moment is great, the way she is moving about on stage, the lyrics and reactions from the other actors. It was certainly my favourite part, which might be a tiny bit biased.

6. It is hilarious
I haven’t laughed this much at a musical ever, the next closest would probably be The Producers, so that is a very good link right! It does follow a similar formula for this show and I think that is why it is going to be successful. Honestly laughing this much throughout a musical is just the best and that leads in very nicely to the final reason you should see Young Frankenstein the musical . . .

7. It will make you happy!
Honestly it really will! I mean come on I managed to see it three times within the 2 weeks  it was on its previews. Probably a good job I don’t live in London as I wouldn’t be able to stay away. Hoping to get a ticket when I am down next month, I really want to feel happy watching this show from start to finish again.

I am sure everyone heading to the Garrick Theatre is going to have such a fantastic time seeing this very special musical!

For more information about the show visit the website – here

To Book tickets – here

Read my review – here


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