A Christmas Detour (2015) Review


When a flight to New York is grounded in Buffalo due to a snow storm it brings together a woman, Paige who is attempting to meet her future in-laws for the first time, a very cynical man Dylan who does not want to make it to the family Christmas and a couple Maxine and Frank who have been married for twenty years.


This is a very typical made for TV Christmas film and offers all of the cliched messages along with Christmas sentiment, an obvious love story from well the very first second they meet. Honestly does this ever actually happen in real life?!?! Does it give us real hope or false hope that one day it might just happen to you? I honestly have no idea, but they certainly keep making them.

The reason why? Well, they are watchable and do manage to make you smile, even if you never really believe something like that would happen. It is a nice thought though that people would try to help each other getting to their final destination if a flight or flights were cancelled. You know like how Dylan eventually hires a 4×4 to get to New York and offers to take the others with him.

Paige comes across as likeable enough even if she is very self involved when it comes to her perfect fiancé Jack, who we get the impression isn’t actually everything she makes him out to be. He does sound too good to be true, when we eventually proper meet him and his parents you realise that money isn’t really everything if you cannot have a personality.

I will admit that I spent the first half an hour of the film trying to work out where I recognised Paige from, yeah that’s right Candace Cameron Bure from Full House fame! I caught up with programme this year, great to see her still acting and putting in a solid performance in all honesty.

Dylan is a man scorned when his girlfriend left him for his brother and that is something he has not managed to get over four years later. It still hurts and has consumed him, he really thought he was the one. We get a lot of talk about the one and soul mates in this film and I think it does raise some interesting questions and opinions on it. Especially when the married couple don’t believe that at all.

I thought it was interesting to throw together the characters with different views and opinions on love so we got to see it from many different views, which I am sure means anyone watching will find a character they can pick sides with. Therefore engaging you just that little bit more. I am not saying this is a good film, but it was watchable. I didn’t have well any expectations when starting to watch it, that certainly has to be the perfect way to approach a film that is made for the Hallmark channel which I do believe premiered last Christmas. Currently available on Netflix UK!

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Detour (2015) Review

  1. This is one of the all time classics, it oozes originality excitement and a serious element of mystery in the plot, the will they won’t they tension really builds the atmosphere and yes you guessed it MORE TENSION!! (How they do it I do not know). The ending for my self and peers was one of shock, how did they come to that conclusion, I did not see it coming I mean did anyone else? What a film what a cast a real classic!


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