A Song for Christmas / Christmas Solo (2017) Review


Two single parents end up finding each other just before Christmas but everything isn’t happily ever after when they find out about the rivalry between their daughters at school, which gets well and truly out of hand.

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A Christmas Detour (2015) Review


When a flight to New York is grounded in Buffalo due to a snow storm it brings together a woman, Paige who is attempting to meet her future in-laws for the first time, a very cynical man Dylan who does not want to make it to the family Christmas and a couple Maxine and Frank who have been married for twenty years.

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Holiday in Handcuffs (2007) Review

Trudie (Hart) is a struggling artist who was working as a waitress and heading to a log cabin to spend Christmas with her family. Until a big problem occurs as she is about to leave with her boyfriend Nick, he breaks up with her. In a panic Trudie then kidnaps stranger David (Lopez) and intends on passing him off as her boyfriend Nick.

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