Angels Sing (2013) Review


Michael Walker is a modern day Scrooge when it comes to Christmas and does not want to celebrate it at all and especially not spending it with her mother and father. David would love nothing more than to spend that time with his grandparents. But when we find out the reasons why it makes you wonder what will help him change his mind.


It always seems to be the case when it comes to a Christmas film like this that a childhood trauma is the result in hating the holiday season. That is no different for Michael who blames only himself for a tragic event which occurred one Christmas when he was a child, therefore ever since he has never really celebrated the holiday anymore.

His family are on the verge of being homeless when they must find a new house before the end of the year. Nick is about to appear at the right time and offer them a dream home without a lot of the cost. The problem being though that it just so happens to be on a street that goes over board for Christmas with the many lights on the houses, an attraction from people all over the world (apparently).

The film has a very strong musical background in the cast in particular Country music, so I was expecting more songs than we actually got to be honest. I did think that was a very good thing in the film though as it really did add something. Obviously links in with the title as well, just expected more when seeing the cast.

It manages a good mix of tragedy and then balancing it all out with happy moments which have come from it, but using Christmas to do that. I am not really sure I believe that it can actually do that anymore. I don’t find myself enjoying it as much as I used to and that everything seems so fake now to just make it look like your all having a fantastic time on social media, as a show off thing.

Anyway this film really does manage to have a heart and I think the performance from Willie Nelson is certainly the standout in a Santa Claus style character who we are actually unsure at times if he is really there or not. Harry Connick Jr does well in the leading role as well and manages to show a good range of emotions as the man who really does not want to be involved in Christmas.

I guess it does make you think and wonder if certain events you blame yourself for are actually your fault or not? So maybe, just maybe this Christmas film goes a little bit deeper than you would expect from this style of film. I guess that is a good thing if you ever decided to watch this one. Each year I seem to watch a few films like this just cannot resist them on Netflix even if I never get in the spirit myself I guess this is my attempt to try!

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