Pretty Woman (1990) Review

“Pretty Woman” has to be one of the best loved romantic comedies and possibly one of the films which started off the popularity to this genre of movies. It certainly put Julia Roberts level of fame on a whole new level. Who would think a story about a prostitute and wealthy business man would actually turn out to be so heart warming and sweet, with a lovely happy “hollywood” ending. But despite the never going to happen, don’t glorify being a prostitute arguments, I really do adore this film and defiantly is one of my favorites. I love Julia Roberts I really do think she is a fantastic actress, i’ve always been such a big fan of hers.


Viven (Julia Roberts) is a prostitute and picks up wealthy Edward (Richard Gere). She goes back with him to a very posh hotel, where he asks her to stay for the week they agree on a $3000 fee for the whole week. He then sends her out shopping to get a dress for a dinner that evening. This was a bit more tricky than Viven first thought, but leads to the classic part of the movie.

Everyone’s favorite part really does have to be when Viven has her new clothes and lots of bags, walking along Rodeo Drive with the song “Pretty Woman” over the actions. As she approaches the shop which the day before the woman who worked their would not serve her and asked her to leave. Viven walks in right up to the woman “do you work on commission?” “Yes” “Big mistake, big, huge” and walks back out. Such a brilliant moment which funnily enough everyone will be able to relate to at some point in their lives, being treated in a different manner because of your class or the way that you dress.

“It must of been love . . . but its over now” I think that song being in the movie after Viven has told Edward she doesn’t want him to just put her up in a condo. When she packs up all the clothes he bought her and heads back to her apartment, is just heartbreaking (yes I am soft). But you think before that, that she will say yes and they will live together happily ever after. (OK the ending says they did, but this was before that).

The ending, while I do think its very romantic with Edward climbing up the fire escape to Viven’s apartment which just happens to be the top floor and yes he is terrified of heights. I do like that part and the happy ending. But I don’t really care for the last words they say. Edward:”What happens after he rescues her?” Viven:”She rescues him right back.” They kiss . . .The end. I don’t really know why that bothers me so much it just kinda grates on me now. I think its more amusing than anything else now. But don’t get me wrong I really do love this movie.

I do think that everyone should at some point should watch “Pretty Woman” I am always rather shocked to find out if someone hasn’t seen it already. I mean if you haven’t seen it where have you been living? Under a rock for the past 19 years? I mean I was only 2/3 years old when it was first released yet I’ve seen it a number of times now, so age isn’t really an issue when seeing a movie.

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