The Purge: Anarchy (2014) Review


As the night of the Purge approaches a couple leave it too late and their car breaks down just at the wrong time. They end up getting help from a sergeant who is out on the streets to avenge the death of his son. Along with a mother and daughter who were forced out of their home after assailants destroy it. The five very different people meet up as they attempt to survive the night together.


The second film takes us outside to see the Purge in full force, the different types of people who must survive on the streets and those unfortunate enough to end up on the streets. I thought it was a good idea to see what could happen on the streets and how crazy people really do go with the Purge. Especially some of the strange situations our group manage to get into.

I thought Frank Grillo was engaging and strong enough to really drive not only the group but the film as well as he wanted to kill the man who killed his son whilst drunk. I think it helped to show the type of thing that can drive people on to want to kill others on this crazy night. We also learn that the Purge does have some rules about explosives. That rich people use their power to really do what they want, the hunting scene is pretty haunting and scary on a whole different level.

Throughout the film we are given a countdown of how long is left in the annual Purge which lasts for 12 hours. I thought that was a good indicator of that it must really be the longest 12 hours you will experience if you are outside and not in a safe place. I still think that the premise behind the idea for the Purge is fantastic, totally frightening but so interesting and something that really does make you think and wonder what it would be like the rest of the time during the year if people had the release.

Shane and Liz the couple were attempting to get to family and were planning on telling them they were know longer together. Although I am sure staying safe on Purge night should have more been important, taking the risk of being out when it all starts.

Cali and Tanya were planning on being very safe at home and had everything in place to do just that but everything changes when their Grandfather/Father sells himself to rich people so they don’t have to worry about money again. Another scary thing that the rich do to Purge in the safety of their own home. Pretty crazy really when you think about it, ok I mean the whole film is pretty crazy as well but it is such a great concept. A big shame that they aren’t better received.

Especially considering this genre is not at all my favourite and I don’t usually buy into them, I certainly feel that these have at least tried to have such an interesting backstory and ideas attached to them. Eventually got round to this instalment with the view of heading to the cinema to see Election Year.

How do you feel about the Purge?

8 thoughts on “The Purge: Anarchy (2014) Review

  1. This movie gave me exactly what I had been hoping to see in the first flop of a film – the actual Purge out on the street, not in the home of some rich dude. Definitely a fan of this film.

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