Control (2007) Review


The film focuses on Ian Curtis who was the lead singer of band Joy Division who could not cope with his messed up life and led him to commit suicide at the age of just 23.

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Cineworld: Wristband!


Quite recently I saw something on Twitter about Cineworld doing wristbands with collectable film things to pin on them. So eventually when I went to the cinema last (to see Finding Dory) I bought one for my cousin’s little boy who is 5, he totally loved it!

At the moment they have four different choices in the things you can buy which meant it only cost £2 for the wristband already filled with the “charms” which works out the same as buying them separate at 50p each as you get a free wristband with the first one you buy.

It was a little disappointing they didn’t have anything for Finding Dory, maybe they will add that next? As I told him I would keep a look out for any new ones to add to his collection.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


Recently the talk has all been surrounding the official opening of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Part one and two) in the West End. The first story in the Potter series to be made especially for the stage, while it has been open for well over a month in previews everything has really kicked on over the past week after it is now open! Reviews have been coming out, I haven’t read any yet though.

Then today the play was released I hope people realise it is in play format and not as just a story like the other books. I know the big fans will but I am sure it will catch some people out. J.K. Rowling is pretty awesome releasing it on the date that would be Harry Potter’s 36th Birthday, I saw that on twitter I didn’t just know it I promise!

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Thank You Les Mis!

Yesterday at around 5pm I went onto Twitter and had a lot of notifications. I was a little bit confused in all honesty as don’t usually get that many. When I realised what it was for I was rather shocked yet ecstatic at the same time.


The brilliant amazing thing that happened was the Official Les Misérables twitter feed had only went and put my review on! Pretty exciting stuff and was extremely chuffed about it, as you can imagine that saw a massive boom in my stats!

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