Top 100 Romantic Films: 71-80

Here are the next ten . . .


80. Stardust (2007) ❤️😂😃


Let’s face it our hero in this one is searching for a star to prove his love for a girl. We all know that on any adventure or journey things like that totally change a person and he will therefore be no different. I find this film to be very underrated and the love story certainly does play a very good part in it all.

79. Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) 😂❤️😢😃


A film with four weddings is bound to have plenty of romance doesn’t it? Of course it does and Hugh Grant isn’t too annoying in this one (not his biggest fan). While it has a pretty steady love story and it takes a long time for them to get together and a my worst film romance moment (in the rain “is it raining, I hadn’t noticed” – honestly hate that with a passion) but it does have some great moments as well.

78. Revolutionary Road (2008) ❤️😢💔😭


A bitter sweet film in terms of that everything seems just fantastic to begin with when the couple first marry and are starting their lives together, they love each other more than anything. But as time goes on and they do not do all of the incredible things they had planned it takes some truly awful and destroying turns and will certainly rip your heart right out. It has Kate and Leo together again, which is a must see they certainly do have a fantastic on-screen connection.

77. Autumn in New York (2000) ❤️😢


Why on earth is Richard Gere so damn intense? He really is in like everything which is why this film works as the womaniser gives up his ways as he falls for a much younger woman. A big problem though? Well the woman is terminally ill. Yes a tearjerking story as they both struggle to handle how they feel about each other.

76. Brooklyn (2015) 😢❤️


I feel massively in love with this film about a young woman who moves from Ireland to have a better and new life for herself in the USA. She has a fantastic romance with such a nice Italian-American young man and it really does take your breathe away. But will she end up back with her new husband when she returns to Ireland for a funeral and is being forced towards a man from a good family? It certainly shows how you can end up in a triangle when you least expect it.

75. Say Anything . . . (1989) ❤️


Surely that picture above is better than any words I will be able to put together for this classic 80s film? When a young couple from totally different backgrounds want to be together and everyone around them is trying to prevent that happening.

74. The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009) ❤️😭


This has incredibly fantastic moments and incredibly sad moments, which I think are even worse because we know that it is going to be coming. Sometimes we are just better off knowing. A woman must deal with her husband suddenly disappearing with no notice as he is a time traveller and cannot always control it. So there love story is told over a lot of flashbacks and different versions of the man at different times in her life. With all the difficult moments it is still truly incredible to how they manage the relationship.

73. Chalet Girl (2011) ❤️😂


A total guilty pleasure of mine. Who doesn’t love the rich boy and poor girl story? Even if it does take the entire film for them to eventually be together properly. Although bad points when he doesn’t actually tell her he has gotten engaged recently, we all know he never wanted that marriage etc though.

72. Beauty and the Beast (1991) ❤️


I had to include this one on the list I mean come on she falls in love with him despite what he looks like, for the person inside. Let’s forget he turns into a handsome Prince though after all of that. But that wasn’t really the point of the story, we aren’t supposed to judge people on how they look!

71. The Sound of Music (1965) ❤️


An absolute timeless love story between Maria and Captain Von Trapp which really is just so lovely and kind. Let’s forget that he was with someone else and planning to marry her before Maria came into his life, just a minor detail. With it being a musical a lovely duet of ‘Something Good’ is the perfect way to show how much they are in love with each other. Christopher Plummer certainly has that intense look that every woman wants to see from a man!


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