The End of the Affair (1999) Review

In 1946 in London, Maurice a passionate writer must face his ex-mistress Sarah after a chance meeting with her husband two years after she suddenly ended their affair.

This is certainly one of my favourite types of films, a romantic drama with a tragic love story. Yes I cannot help it but that is one of my favourite to watch, they always have so much passion and a good story to go along with it. Not the first film in this type I have seen Ralph Fiennes in either, he must just have that good lover vibe to him.

The story is told in flashback form with Maurice at a typewriter putting the story down in words, he sounds very angry about it all and it does not take long to understand why he is angry. Because he is still very upset by it all, and the great love he had with Sarah. We get to see how it all started and how often they would see one another, some parts of the film we see how Maurice wished it had happened. I liked this side as when we remember something we also think about what we wish we had done or said instead of just leaving it.

The passion and chemistry are very good between Moore and Fiennes, totally believable lovers especially when you see Sarah’s relationship with her husband Henry. They hardly look and speak to each other let alone kiss or touch, which makes you want to see Maurice win in the end. I obviously won’t spoil the ending but I am sure from the very first scene and even the title of the film you know it is not going to be a very happy one for anyone involved in the story.

The scenes between the lovers were passionate and you actually feel a little bit strange watching them. That is how real they feel, they just cannot resist one another and keep their hands off. They risk everything by being together and at times it is all very close to them being discovered. Which I think makes it even better for them, the risk of getting caught makes it more appealing.

Maurice is the very jealous lover and he actually hires a detective as he is convinced that Sarah found someone else that is why she stopped seeing him. This keeps you wondering throughout the film and we are never really sure what direction it is going to head in. His intensity is frightening but what woman does not want a man to look at her like Maurice does and make you feel that way, you want a man to admit that he is jealous and it is driving him mad. Well I like that anyway, I am sure other women do too, surely jealously means that you care too much. But I think that’s a good thing.

Another film to make you want and fall in love with Ralph Fiennes even more, he just has those intense looks and everything going on you cannot help but want him. He certainly does have something about him. Julianne Moore puts in a good performance as well, they work well together.

I have not seen the original film on which this one is based but I certainly would like to compare them. Obviously a film made in the 1950s is not going to be as graphic in terms of the sex like this one, which has some very hot scenes might I add! So if you like a good tragic yet hot passionate love story then this film is certainly one you need to check out.

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