What Maisie Knew (2012) Review

A story of heartbreak watching Maisie as she must survive in her parents custody battle, with neither of them actually paying full attention to her . . .

I have had this film on my Netflix queue for quite a while now and pleased I eventually got round to watching it last night. Julianne Moore has been in a lot of films I have watched recently and I did not do that on purpose at all. Her role as Susanna in this film is different to how you have seen her before. She is a rock star and tours with her band and records songs which leads to neglect of her young daughter Maisie.

Steve Coogan is her father Beale and again he is just too busy with his working life as an art dealer he does not may enough attention either. Beale and Susanna just seem to want to outdo each other and hurt one another. Coogan does not get much screen time in this one, he does not seem a bad person just not a very good dad. In all honestly though there was a time I would not have given a film with Coogan in a chance but after his outstanding performance in ‘Philomena’ I will give him that now. His character had room to be more in my opinion.

It turned out that the best people in Maisie’s life would be the people her parents ended up with. Margo her former nanny and Lincoln a bartender. The bonds and relationship she forms with both of them really show that children want and need someone to help them, care for them and most importantly love them.

Parts of this film will cut you like a knife they are not pleasant to watch at all. Especially seeing such a young girl being just left places without checking that the other person was even going to show up. It makes you feel empty watching it. Why did they not care more about their daughter?

Onata Aprile really did put in an incredible performance, her acting was fantastic it really is special seeing such a young actress doing a role like this. She was on-screen nearly the full film and it was all about her. Her life was strange and we got to see most of it through her eyes, that’s why it was so heartbreaking as a viewer you can understand how she feels and just want to pretty much tell her everything will be alright in the end.

I think the fact that it is all taking place in New York City makes it even scarier, especially when she is just left outside a bar one night. I mean come on anything could have happened to her. It is just horrible that her parents just did not understand the damage they were inflicting on such a young and switched on girl. It is not the usual behaviour you expect from the mother as well, so Susanna’s character is even more shocking because of that. Although she does have a better moment towards the end, which gives hope that she will eventually change her ways.

It gives the feel that this is the type of thing that can happen when two people who are not prepared or even want a child end up having one and destroying each other in the process of thinking they are doing the right thing. I don’t have children but I am sure this film can help anyone who feels they aren’t doing a good job parenting? Surely this will make you realise that you are in fact doing your best as long as you show them a lot of love and affection.

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