When a Man Loves a Woman (1994) Review

Alice’s drinking seems to be getting very out of hand and with the help of her husband Michael, she must change her ways after it led to not being safe for their two young daughters.

This is one of those films I have seen on Netflix for ages but never actually decided to watch it, not really why in all honesty as I am a big fan of Meg Ryan. This is a different Meg Ryan to what you may be used to though, as she’s certainly not as happy-go-lucky as you usually find her characters.

Alice reaches breaking point a couple of times but it all needs to be address when she hits her oldest daughter who then thinks she is dead after falling in the shower. Those scenes were truly heartbreaking as you knew it was really bad. Michael then needed to make sure he could look after the girls while Alice went into rehab. The goodbye scene between the pair was another heartbreaking moment as was the first phone call. I really wasn’t expecting the film to be that hard-hitting, but it really does touch a nerve.

It makes you wonder how much someone you love and who loves you will put up with. What is breaking point and how can you deal with all of the emotions flying all over the place. I didn’t pick a fantastic night to watch this film, as had an argument well maybe not an argument but I was being ignored . . . So I did find myself getting extremely upset at times watching this film. The song choices were perfect and really made everything that little bit worse. I don’t mean that in a bad way though, just meaning that the songs were so good for that moment in the film that it highlighted that it was a tough time.

Garcia was brilliant in this, I have always seen him as the tough guy and often bad guy. But he was so caring and loving in this that he makes you want to be his wife so he could love you that much. I guess that is a massive compliment to his incredible performance. It comes from the heart and you can’t help but love him from start to finish.

Meg Ryan showed with this performance that she is not afraid to take on a different type of role and is willing to be the bad guy in a sense. But the way she worked with Garcia was very good to watch. Pleased I eventually gave this film a chance even if I didn’t pick the best of nights to watch it. Catch it on Netflix UK!

6 thoughts on “When a Man Loves a Woman (1994) Review

  1. Like Flesh and Bone, When a Man Loves a Woman is a truly great performance from Meg Ryan, Largely ignored, probably because critics expected to see Meg falling over food trolleys and faking orgasms in restaurants.
    I’m glad you appreciated this one!


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