Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) Review

This is a totally different kind of spy film to those you have seen before. When Harry takes Eggsy under his wing, he wants to see him succeed as a new Kingsman agent.

The film has a very good cast which will make you want to see it any way, the trailers made it seem very unique (which it is) the Unlimited preview screening at Cineworld on Monday night at my local cinema saw the film take the biggest screen in the place and have it very full.

When some strange things happen within the first few minutes of the film and someone gets killed in a very unusual way, don’t want to spoil that as it was a very weird start to the film, but it certainly set the tone. It is going to be off the wall at times, it is going to be different, it is also going to be funny. It is all of those things.

When you mix up posh guys in posh suits with a young man who is rough round the edges, ok rough all together. It was always going to make for a very amusing ride. We follow Eggsy’s story as we see his home life with his mother and her abusive new husband. The link with Harry is because Eggsy’s father died saving a few lives, so theres a little bit of history involved with it as well.

It moves at a very good pace and the tests to become a Kingsman agent are very impressive and I thought it was a very interesting way to do it all. Which was obviously going to see Eggsy being tested more than any of the other candidates as he felt he needed to prove himself even more.

It has violence in a funny way which is so over the top that it works to not be taken too seriously at all. Samuel L. Jackson is the bad guy and is brilliant with his lisp. I know that sounds a very strange thing to mention but because you know that is not how he normally speaks I found it funny every time he opened his mouth. For such a big villain he was a big wimp when it came to blood as well, which made it even better.

Colin Firth is always a good choice to put as a gentleman and the fact he is challenged in a different way in, always nice to see that he is willing to take on any role and be a little bit silly at times as well. Mark Strong as ever in a supporting role is very solid and no different in this film. Michael Caine doing what he does best now and playing the father type figure in charge of things. Taron Egerton really has the qualities to go far after his what will be a breakout role.

The film has plenty of little twists and turns and even tells us a view times “it just isn’t that type of movie” which again makes you laugh even more! So make sure you catch this film when it heads into a cinema near you over the next few weeks! It really is something a little bit different.

18 thoughts on “Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) Review

  1. saw it a few weeks ago..what a fantastic fun ride it is!!.. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a great break from all the more dramatic I’d been seeing all Oscar season. Though ‘Taron’ Egerton might be a bit peeved at you calling him Aaron..hahahaha


    • Oops I didn’t notice that! Must have been an auto correct I will have to go in and change that!

      It certainly does take the seriousness away from the Oscar films we’ve had recently!

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  2. Hey there Caz! I was a bit skeptical about this one despite the cast but glad to hear this is good! Can’t wait to see the screening but it’s not until mid February. Wish I could see this sooner.

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