7 Films I always watch at Christmas

Every year as it gets close to Christmas time I find myself watching the same films you watch every year, but the good thing about them is that it’s special because you only watch them during a certain few weeks in December. So these seven films will be in no particular order and I will attempt to say what I like about them and why exactly I look forward to watching them at Christmas time.

Home Alone

What’s left to say about Home Alone that hasn’t already been said? Well I grew up watching and loving this film and still do to this day. It is fantastic, so fantastic that I actually ordered a Christmas jumper today saying exactly what the above picture does!

Miracle on 34th Street

I don’t care what anyone says that I have included this version and not the original. I love everything about this Christmas film and Richard Attenborough is my perfect Santa!

Jingle All The Way

This is my Christmas guilty pleasure film, I honestly think it’s hilarious from start to finish. Don’t forget it used to be difficult to get that one special toy for a Christmas present! So the fact this film goes all extreme about that, I love it and not ashamed to say it.


Possibly everyone’s favourite newer Christmas film and with very good reason. It is so much fun from start to finish, but has a very nice Christmas message to go along with all the funny moments.

It’s A Wonderful Life

For that feel good ending after a rather depressing time before that but it does just scream Christmas with the ending, even though it was never intended to be a Christmas film!

Love Actually

So many different things going on this one, but all with love around Christmas going on. Christmas is really all around us in this one!

The Grinch

Again another for comedy value which has a great heart. Jim Carey is unforgettable as the Grinch and it brings a smile to your face when his heart grows!

10 thoughts on “7 Films I always watch at Christmas

  1. It wouldn’t be Christmas if you didn’t watch It’s A Wonderful life. The Bells of St. Mary’s is another nice movie.


  2. Watching one movie once a year is actually quite frequent when you think about it. Especially since they aren’t necessarily great movies, just movies with a Christmas theme. I really don’t get the holiday movie tradition thing. Honestly, you watch Jingle All the Way EVERY YEAR? I don’t watch my favourite movies of all time every year!


    • Haha yeah I end up watching Jingle All the Way when I see it on TV. It is such a guilty pleasure. I understand what you mean about watching all time favourite films every year. I guess I just try to get in the Christmas spirit.


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