Turbulence (1997) Review

On Christmas Eve a convicted serial killer is put on a flight to LA and everything goes wrong for the flight crew as the other prisoner manages to set himself free and start a shootout. Ryan Weaver takes a liking to stewardess Teri Halloran.

This film was on the Sky Movies Christmas channel last night, I guess it can be seen as an alternative Christmas film as it did involve violence. It was not very good either, but I will get onto that later. One thing that was good about it was the performance from Ray Liotta as Ryan Weaver, he truly was creepy and played the killer very well.

Each moment in the film is predictable and you know exactly what is going to happen next. You cannot help but guess the next move as its similar to so many other films in this genre. Even if the setting is 35,000 feet in the air on a plane. It doesn’t offer anything spectacular but you do wonder if the plane will actually land or crash.

It quickly turns into a cat and mouse chase between Ryan and Teri after he quickly gets rid of the rest of the crew and passengers. Not all dead but some of them just locked away. But Liota is extremely creepy and carries parts of the film because of this, the way he changed from being all nice towards Teri but then a total psycho.

I hadn’t even heard of the film before watching it last night and don’t feel like I would have missed out if I had never seen this one. It isn’t memorable at all and hasn’t added anything extra to the films I have seen. So don’t feel like you have to rush to try and see this one. But if you have actually seen it before (which I am doubting) what did you make of it?

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