Old Boy (2013) Review

Joe Doucett was kidnapped one night when drunk and woke up alone in a room, with no doors or windows. He was in solitary confinement for 20 years without knowing the reason why. When’s he’s released vengeance is on his mind.

Having been imprisoned for 2o years and framed for the rape and murder of his ex-wife and mother to his daughter. Eating the same food everyday and not having any one to talk to, Joe takes to writing letters to his daughter Mia whilst seeing a TV show about unsolved crimes. He does stop drinking and working out which gives him focus of making it up to Mia.

The film does have plenty of twists and turns with the awful plot, laughable fight scenes and some awful killing scenes. Overall this made it a truly awful film and the worst I have seen in 2013 and probably of all time as well. It does not offer anything good at all, and I wanted to walk out of the cinema for the first time ever. It totally dragged and I did not care how it was going to end or what was going to happen.

Josh Brolin who usually is very good, does nothing in this film for me and doesn’t show any emotion in either way. Surely if he was alone for 20 years he should have had some strange reactions when he was eventually on the outside with people again? The waking up in a box in the middle of a field as well and starting to use an iPhone was pretty crazy too.

The letters he wrote to Mia all in tact really? But the idea now is that he must find out who is captor was and why he done it. Which sends him on a mission to find out with help of his friend Chucky and google he tries to narrow down who it could be. With the help of Shazam on the iPhone things start to come together. Not forgetting Marie a young girl he met straight away after he was freed.

So I really did hate everything about this film, which I guess is a very bold statement but I found it truly awful. Anything that has a whole storyline around incest is not good with me! I must finish by saying that I have not seen the original!

Avoid this film, we only went to see it as couldn’t decide between Nebraska and Homefront, bad idea!

9 thoughts on “Old Boy (2013) Review

  1. Good review Caz. It’s more of an interesting remake, than it is a good one. The original will stand the test of time of being awesome and original, whereas this one will most likely fade into obscurity. Which is sad, because it’s not all that bad. It’s just a remake, and that is that.


  2. I really hope that you have seen the original before viewing this movie. The Original is actually quite good and is something worth seeking out. Sorry you had a bad time with this one but at least you helped out a few people from wasting their time. SO that’s good right?


    • I haven’t seen the original but it was by default that we went to see this one. As couldn’t agree which film to go and see . . . Bad times!


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