Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997) Review

Liu Kang must help to save the Earth in six days and in the end the only way to do that is in . . . Mortal Kombat.

The second installment of Mortal Kombat, which I decided to watch on LOVEFiLM after revisiting the first film a few days ago. Well I had never actually seen this one before, and I guess I wish I hadn’t bothered. It really was not good at all, especially with a lot of the characters being replaced by other actors. Not a good start if you have just watched the first one.

I can understand what they were trying to do this film and create a franchise out of Mortal Kombat but surely keeping the same actors and actresses would have been the best move? Of course it would, but they didn’t and it pretty much ended it all, for the 90s at least. I do have to admit though that it still brought a few memories of what was one of my favorite video games as child, when the “mortal kombat cry” was done. Which I guess is one good thing about the film.

The basic plot is that they must save Earth in 6 days to stop it from being destroyed forever. You may remember (or may not) that this should not happen after they saved the Earth in the first film for at least a generation. But of course some loopholes have been jumped through in order to try and destroy the Earth.

Being a massive Sex and the City fan I could not help but be amused by James Remar aka Richard Wright in the role of Rayden.

So this is a film I will never watch again and if you haven’t seen it you really aren’t missing very much at all.

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