December Boys (2007) Review

Four young orphans who have grown up together and are very good friends, spend some time away together that they will never forget. But all end up competing for the attention of the same family, in hope of being adopted.

The story we are being told is in voice over form from an adult Misty. So we mainly see his opinions on what is going on. He was also the boy who wanted to be adopted the most, mainly because he was the youngest of the four and still had hope that his life could be changed by having parents.

Maps, Misty, Sparks and Spit and the four boys, each with their very unique nicknames. They are known as the December boys, because they were all born in December. Something they share, along with their friendship. On the trip away from the orphanage and the nuns who used to look after them, they all grew up in different ways. Having experiences they never thought they would have.

One of the main things which the boys begin to notice is women/girls. They obviously mainly see women as nuns and this helps them to grow and realise how much of an important part this will play in there lives. Even more so for Maps who is the oldest, he has first experience with a girl and also finds out how much it can all hurt and break your heart. This pain causes him to have a slight break down lashing out at those around him. Such an important part of the story though as it just helped to show how much the boys have to do in terms of growing up.

With Misty we are hoping throughout that what he hears will come true, that the youngish couple who live near the people they are staying with want to adopt a child. He really does have high hopes and tries to gain an advantage over the other boys. Before he eventually tells them what he had heard, they all then start competing with one another trying to become adopted and have a family.

I found the film to be very moving at times and you could not help but to feel sorry for the boys. None of them really knew their parents and in the end they did realise that they were in fact a family as well as being best friends. One of the main reasons to watch this film was to see Radcliffe out of the Harry Potter role and it was a very promising performance from the young actor, looking forward to seeing him in more films.

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