Deceived (1991) Review

Adrienne Saunders is left devastated after the death of her husband Jack, even more so when she finds out that he had two names and another life!


Everything seems perfect for Adrienne and Jack, an amazing couple a young daughter and quite frankly look what everyone would aspire to have. His job is important but when some ancient Egyptian jewellery causes a murder to happen in a museum it doesn’t take long before Jack is also murdered (or is he?)

The film attempts to have some twists and turns which are a little bit obvious really but that doesn’t take away a whole lot from the overall film as it was at a good enough pace.

It is a typical early 90s film that’s for sure and the main reason I have gone for the three star rating is because Goldie Hawn is absolutely brilliant in the film. Going from the grieving widow to a woman fully on a mission when everything turns a different way. Showing just why she has so many roles in the 1980s and 1990s, she really is such a good actress being able to fully carry a film like this one. Another big star of this era was John Heard, seriously he was more than just the Dad in Home Alone I promise! Sorry just showing my age with that reference in terms of that is the first film I remember him from so that’s where I always see him no matter how many other performances I see.

Managing to make you so angry at times and pretty much hate how men think they can just do what they want and get away with it. Although I guess it all works out rather nicely for that in the end!

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