Moonfall (2022) Review

When a strange force knocks the moon from its normal orbit around the Earth it then sends it on a collision course that will end life as we know it, can a former astronaut Brian Harper reunite with his former partner Jo Fowler to save the world with KC Houseman?


I do love a rather crazy end of the world/space adventure film and they usually push the boundaries of well quite frankly everything. Moonfall though was actually not too bad to begin with and you could accept certain elements (just).

As the film opens we see Jo Fowler and Brian Harper on a mission ten years earlier when it goes rather wrong and a member of the crew dies. Despite something not quite being right about what happens Harper gets the blame and is no longer an astronaut, spiralling his life out of control and losing contact with his son. Fowler comes off Bette and ends up as an executive with NASA.

We have KC Houseman who claims to be a doctor although he does actually get interesting information about the moon and knows about the change of orbit before even NASA accept what is happening. Although no-one will actually listen to him, despite having his own website and podcast, he just comes across as a little bit crazy.

However Houseman ends up working with Harper as he eventually realises his knowledge of “megastructures” could actually help with the situations. As the moon is quickly getting closer to hitting earth people are told to evacuate homes and pretty much hope for the best really. Meeting back up with Fowler the trio end up on a mission to space to stop whatever it is that is making the moon change its orbit.

When we actually then get to space and the moon, this is when the film takes a truly dramatic nosedive, it was just hanging on to begin with but then what would follow made me really think what on earth is going on and why am I still watching this?

Seriously it took a very strange turn with what was supposedly behind it all and quite frankly it made zero sense. It was a little off the wall before that as well but progressively got worse with the bizarre reveals. Its actually taken me a few days to even try and review the film as I thought it was truly that bad.

The cast was actually impressive as well which made it even worse to see how bad it ended up, can’t even give credit to the CGI and special effects as that didn’t really stand out either. How incredible does Halle Berry look though, she never seems to age at all! Patrick Wilson was a strange choice for the lead. It took me about twenty minutes to eventually link John Bradley to Game of Thrones, you had to feel a little bit sorry for him with his character. Donald Sutherland had a bizarre cameo which I guess summed up how odd the whole film ended up.

This one won’t be taking any status with other space/disaster films that’s for sure.

2 thoughts on “Moonfall (2022) Review

  1. But didn’t a part of you just love it Caz? For me, this fell firmly into the “so terrible it’s great” category. I haven’t laughed so much at a movie for a long time!


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