Call Me Claus (2001) Review

Lucy Cullins is a producer on a home shopping channel and when she is casting a Santa for the channel, she actually casts the real Santa who she has a little bit of history with!


When she was a child Lucy had a very bad experience with Santa when asking her what she wanted for Christmas she asked for her Dad to return home, he was out fighting in Vietnam. Little did she know that it was the real Santa and his elf had told her that it would be sorted. On Christmas Eve her family were informed that he had died, this then sparked a hatred for Christmas and she certainly did not believe in Santa at all.

Little did Lucy know that Nick had a mission himself, to find a new Santa to replace him with only four weeks left or the magic of Christmas would be lost forever. Could he work a tiny bit of magic to get Lucy believing again? Or was she too far gone and that was it for Santa Claus?

Believe it or not I had never seen this film before and in all honesty I was actually quite surprised about that, as it felt like a rather tame mash up of The Santa Clause, A Christmas Carol and Miracle on 34th Street, taking small moments from those festive favourites creating this made for TV movie. Obviously it isn’t groundbreaking but it has some lovely and nice moments and quite frankly who wouldn’t want Santa to be Whoopi?

I have never tried to hide my fandom for Whoopi Goldberg and she is the very reason that I decided to watch this film and she does what she does best in terms of mixing comedy in well with the different storylines. This was actually Nigel Hawthorne’s final film and I must say that he really is a wonderful Santa Claus. Why is Victor Garber always a scene stealer as well? Seriously you always notice and remember him when he’s in a film!

If you are a sucker for cheesy Christmas films then you really should add this to your list and quite frankly is probably better than what Hallmark give us!

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