The Unforgivable (2021) Review

Ruth Slater is released from prison after committing a very violent crime of killing a police officer and therefore everything and everyone seems to be against her, as she fights for a life and to see her younger sister again.


Ruth is not really a very likeable character and that is probably the first issue with the film, by the time we find out more about her I quite frankly did not care what happened to her or anything else surrounding the story. To be brutally honest I nearly just turned the film off after about 30/40 minutes. It did highlight how ex-criminals are treated when they come out of prison and that some people will never give them a chance and constantly judge all of the things they are doing and decisions they are making, whether or not they served the sentence they were given.

Katherine had been adopted and it claimed she was 5 years old when the incident happened, however that does not fit with how old she is in the current day. As she does not seem to be 25 and not treated in that way by her adoptive parents. Plus if she was over 18 would they really need to be contacted with Ruth trying to get back in touch with her? Considering she had been in prison for 20 years, I mean come on that is a massive plot hole that I really could not get my head around. Especially the way the parents went on was just bizarre and strange, with Emily her step-sister getting herself involved in the wrong way.

However, I persisted as I do like Sandra Bullock so thought I would keep going, however the twist then ended up just making me even more annoyed with it all. Her performance was ok, I mean full on going to that extreme was impressive at times but overall average. Viola Davis was not in it anywhere near enough and I truly believe she could have saved it a little bit more. Jon Bernthal was also decent in a supporting role, with a slightly more interesting character.

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