Soapdish (1991) Review

Celeste Talbert haș been the lead on a soap for over two decades and her co-star Montana Moorehead wants nothing more than to get her off the show, stopping at nothing to become the star.


David Barnes one of the writers on the show is controlled by Montana who wants him to give Celeste storylines that she will not be happy with at all, this includes bringing back Jeffrey Anderson who Celeste actually has a big history off screen with as well which will create a totally different drama to go with the one on screen.

So basically the film plot that isn’t when they are filming the soap actually has its own soap type storyline with shocks for the different characters. Maybe that was just a little bit too much in the sense that its doing the same thing twice? Then as it turns out for a comedy it just really is not all that funny.

I totally get and understand that this was poking fun at the US soap operas that I have never actually seen and only heard of, so maybe if I had actually seen some of them rather than just mentions in TV and film it might have been a little bit funnier? Possibly. The worst thing about this film was that I don’t actually think this was the first time that I have watched it, as I got further in it felt more and more familiar. So I’m guessing it wasn’t overly memorable from seeing it on Amazon and deciding to watch it.

I mean when you see the cast it is very tempting, as you are probably already aware I am a big fan of Whoopi Goldberg. Then we get Sally Field who is always dependable, Kevin Kline is pretty much the same in that sense. Not forgetting a rather young Robert Downey Jr as well. But despite the cast it is a little bit too much and certainly has not aged well at all with some moments that are a little bit more difficult to watch now.

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