Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1994) Review

When Dr Victor Frankenstein a scientist rejects the man he created he escapes and decides that revenge on his creator is the only way to get even!


Victor Frankenstein is found on the North Pole by a Captain and crew who’s ship is trapped in the Arctic sea, he proceeds to tell them the story of his life in flashback form. This is to set everything up for the viewer. He grew up in Geneva with an adopted sister Elizabeth who becomes the love of his life, which I guess is a little bit strange but never mind! Just before he is due to leave for university in Ingolstadt his mother dies giving birth to his brother William. With his grief he decides that he will find a way in which death will never happen.

When at University and becoming close to a professor who had some rather interesting notes on how to create life, but he is warned by Waldman not to use them as it will not work. Obviously he does not listen and as the professor is killed he uses his brain and then body parts of others who have died in order to create a creature based on these notes. He becomes utterly obsessed with doing this and drives even Elizabeth away.

After giving life to his creature it was something he instantly regretted and tries to kill him, although that is not something that fully works at all. Everything will become rather complicated as the Creature develops rather quickly and comes up with its own plan to take everything away from Victor. A few twists and turns as he must make him pay and then we find out how he ended up in the Arctic, and what happened to his family and most importantly Elizabeth.

I will openly admit that I almost did not even make it to the end of this film, I was seriously that bored and it only has a running time of just over two hours. It certainly felt a lot longer than that, never a good sign. I just thought the characters were very poor and rather boring, considering the story is quite exciting right?

Then with cast who are truly impressive and brilliantly to put together, but the way the were then actually used was rather disappointing and not something I found myself engaging with, although I am still trying to fully work out how it went so drastically wrong. I guess that happens quite a lot when you see such a highly talented cast and expect a hell of a lot from them, I quickly found out why I hadn’t really heard about this film. I seriously had no idea Robert De Niro was in it either until I started watching it and probably the main performance to praise as he took on the role of the Creature and was rather engaging with it. Probably quite a risk really given his high profile nature and also quite strange that I had no idea he even played this part!

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