Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (2021) Review

Bodyguard Michael Bryce was trying his very best to forget all about hitman Darius Kincaid, in therapy and attempting to get his licence back until Sonia needs his help to find her husband in Italy.


Picking up where the first film left off we follow Michael Bryce as he is battling his demons from losing his Triple A status as a bodyguard and wants nothing more than getting that back, he’s in therapy and even his therapist is truly sick of him and says he has passed just to get rid of him. Suggesting a trip somewhere and off he goes to Italy, not wanting to think about violence or guns and more importantly Darius Kincaid.

This obviously does not last long at all when Sonia turns up claiming that Michael is the only person that can help her find Darius who had been taken by the mafia. We all know how disastrous that relationship was in the first film and we are about to see the same again from the unlikely duo. Throw in Aristotle Papdopolpus as our bad guy who pretty much wants to destroy all of Europe. This was with a virus into the power grids and needed to be done in a rather interesting way, with the drill.

I feel like I need to clarify that I really enjoyed the first film and found it to be extremely entertaining, so I have actually been looking forward to seeing this sequel. My expectations of it matching the first one were low and it doesn’t quite hit those heights but it is still enjoyable enough even if it does rehash some jokes and didn’t feel as fresh as the first one. The van chase sequence was pretty good though, so we will give it that moment at the very least.

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson really do work very well together and that is what makes the film enjoyable. We get some rather gory violence done in a comedic way which is a little bit different to so many other films, so again something that really does just work. Salma Hayek is just utterly bonkers as Sonia and quite irritating at times. Antonio Banderas managed to have plenty of style and charisma as the bad guy and that was good!

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