Over the Top (1987) Review

Lincoln Hawk is a struggling trucker who did not support his wife and son in the best way at all, he competes in arm wrestling competitions on the side to earn extra crash. When his wife is dying he must make it up to his son who he left behind years earlier facing a battle with Michael’s grandfather Jason Cutler for custody.


Stallone is one of my guilty pleasure actors and I randomly came across this film and had not even heard of it, I mean it did come out the year I was born after all. But I thought why not just go for it. It is not the best film by any means but this time Stallone attempts to be the best when it comes to arm wrestling.

Although it does attempt to go a lot deeper than just the arm wrestler with the more central plot being Lincoln Hawk and his son Michael bonding, although his son does not take to him at first he suddenly realises that he has attempted he made mistakes and now wants to actually be a father. This does not bode well with Jason his former father in law and grandfather who wanted nothing more than to keep his grandson away from his father. This creates a rather interesting arc in terms of storyline.

The thing is though I felt we didn’t get anywhere near enough backstory to fully understand why Hawk left and the impact that this had on his wife and son. Not going back to them or anything in all that time just seemed a little off. I just didn’t find it engaging enough in terms of story but it kinda makes up for that with the Las Vegas happy ending right? Well, I thought that was a nice ending if nothing else.

With Stallone you pretty much know what you are going to get and I always find that a good thing for this type of film. Robert Loggia takes a good part as well and I actually wanted to see even more of his character. David Mendenhall puts in a good performance for such a young actor and that is always a bonus. Overall though it still didn’t offer enough for me to give it more than two stars.

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