Thunder Force (2021) Review

Two estranged high school friends Lydia Berman and Emily Stanton are reunited in a time when supervillains are the norm and when a treatment is created to give super powers they become Thunder Force.


Emily Stanton was very focused as a teenager and had always wanted to be able to create something incredible and would let nothing stand in the way of that goal. She was bullied in school for being smart and the only person that ever stuck up for her was Lydia Berman which is how the friendship came about. But as Lydia did not take anything seriously that eventually became too much for Emily to cope with and with her almost missing a very important test she ends the friendship so she can focus. A high school reunion is due to take place and Lydia reaches out to Emily, when she doesn’t turn up she heads across to the business headquarters and very quickly ruins everything!

Not listening to the instructions of not touching anything in a room Lydia manages to get stabbed with some treatment that will give her superpowers, the thing Emily had been working on for decades. Despite being angry the pair end up actually working together as Emily has a different treatment plan. With Tracy (Emily’s daughter) helping them they become Thunder Force, an unlikely pair of middle aged female superheroes. This obviously comes with a big struggle as they are not natural at anything!

The King is pretty much ruling the city and that is the man they want to stop. His crew are made up of those individuals that are not like others, for example The Crab, who is a man with crab claws for arms/hands (yes, really) and that creates for a scene that almost made me feel physically sick – I am more than sure you can think of which scene this was if you have already seen the film.

As we are more than aware by now Melissa McCarthy films that are directed by her husband Ben Falcone are never the best at all. That is a trend that continues with Thunder Force, which may have you wondering how I have rated this two stars instead of one star. The reason for that was that while it was not good it at least tried very hard for a very different superhero approach and I appreciate the efforts behind that as well as the leading two actresses.

Melissa McCarthy delivers what we have grown to expect from her in a comedy film, I am personally forever waiting for her to get anywhere near the level of comedy she delivers in Bridesmaids and Spy. I keep coming back for more of her in hope! Octavia Spencer the Oscar winner went out of her comfort zone with this role and you have to give her some recognition for that, she has gone for it with many different film genres over the past few years.

Something I still cannot get out of my head more than a week after watching the film was Jason Bateman being half man, half crab and doing an utterly creepy walk every time he was on screen. Bobby Cannavale is actually decent as a bad guy though, just a shame he wasn’t given more to work with. Taylor Mosby was a scene stealer at times!

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