Palm Springs (2020) Review

Nyles is stuck in a time loop at a wedding and everything is about to go to another level when Sarah ends up stuck with him in the same loop!


Nyles has the worst start possible to the wedding day when his girlfriend breaks up with him, although that turns out to be quite a good thing really as he deserves so much better than her. It all appears normal enough but it isn’t long before we find out he is stuck in that day over and over again after visiting a cave. When Sarah is drawn towards him one day and enters the cave he attempts to tell her not to go in, she doesn’t listen though and also ends up in the loop. It seems as though they aren’t the only two though as Roy is trapped as well, which creates a chase with Nyles.

Sarah is obviously very angry with Nyles to begin with but lets face it if he had told her about the time loop there’s no way she would have actually believed him! This created a very interesting plot and film considering we always think of Groundhog Day when it comes to a time loop storyline but this time more than one character actually knows about it. I really liked that as a little bonus.

It always makes you wonder how you would deal with being trapped in that one day over and over again. Nyles uses it to find out everything about the people around him and more so that his girlfriend was cheating on him. He actually lies to Sarah though by saying he never slept with her! Sarah had some secrets as well and that is revealed slowly and makes sense that she is not thrilled about it being this day, her sisters wedding.

Having to repeat the day and actions, it gives them both a chance to changes things around and that is one of the reasons this film is so enjoyable. Nyles and Sarah are far from perfect which makes them relatable, we will then to succeed and get out of that loop together. Hence really enjoying everything about the film, it dared to go for it and it certainly worked that is for sure!

Andy Samberg is utterly fantastic as Nyles and really carries the film so well, first on his own until Cristin Millioti joins as Sarah and the pair bounce off each other so effortlessly. Making us as a viewer so happy and pleased from the first moment we get to see them together. Then in support we get J.K. Simmons who never disappoints at all. Peter Gallagher, Meredith Hagner, Camila Mendes and Tyler Hoechlin making up the supporting cast. Then June Squibb with what is more like a cameo!

I had heard very good things surrounding this film for what must have been nearly a year before eventually getting to watch it and it was more than worth the wait. It was nice and lovely with some genuinely amusing moments, making it quite frankly a good watch.

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