Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991) Review

When a tyrant from the future attempts to stop the legacy of Bill and Ted he creates evil android doubles of them which are supposed to eliminate the originals.


Considering I am very late to the Bill & Ted party having only seen an excellent adventure for the first time last year I then needed to catch up with Bogus Journey. The main reason I had never seen these films before was because I basically thought I would just hate them. That was not the case for the first film which I found amusing and funny throughout. However. I thought Bogus Journey was rather bad, attempting to just rehash some of the same jokes with a much weaker storyline did not really give me much enjoyment at all.

Adding in the Grim Reaper after evil Bill and Ted kill the real Bill and Ted does not really create for an engaging story. At least during the first film we had many historical people/characters and events in history as a starting point and that was easier to create the comedy. This film relies very heavily on how you feel about the two characters rather than anything engaging.

I guess it was a complete shame really but comedy sequels are quite frankly the toughest to get right, especially when I am catching up thirty years later as well. I mean we do get double Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter which I guess is the reason behind giving the film two stars. I really did want to like this second outing for the pair but I guess we now find out how it took until 2020 to have Bill & Ted facing the music, which I am rather dubious about watching now as surely those characters were much better left in the late 80s/early 90s?

2 thoughts on “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991) Review

  1. I liked the new one more than I thought it would but a lot of that comes down to other characters in the film, it’s also unabashedly warm-natured, which made a nice change to everything else!

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