Teen Wolf (1985) Review

Scott Howard’s life is about to change when he finds out that his family have a rather strange secret when he starts turning into a werewolf.


Scott Howard has a pretty average life, as he is struggling through High School, his basketball team aren’t very good and he is in love with the most popular girl at school Pamela Wells, who just happens to be gong out with Mick McAllister who is doing his best to run his life. So that is basically like all teen experiences right? Everyone always feels like they should have more and be able to do more.

However, we don’t have that option of turning into a werewolf and using it to our advantage. The skills that come along with that part of his make up changes everything around for Scott. This is where it got a little bit weird in all honesty as he was more popular as a human-wolf hybrid than just being a human. You would expect the wolf part to just utterly scare everyone right? Even though the basketball team begins to win and become contenders. His father does warn him that becoming the wolf out of anger was never going to be the right way to contain that side of himself.

This creates quite the learning curve that Scott must realise that instead of trying to please everyone and being popular the key to happiness is actually being yourself, that way you will actually find the people who really do like and care about you deeply for just yourself and not well a gimmick or lie.

1985 certainly was the year for Michael J. Fox given Teen Wolf came out along with Back to the Future, this was the first time I had ever seen this film and I think due to my love for Marty McFly and the performances of Michael J. Fox it really helped. As I found the film to be a little bit strange in all honesty, I would even say that it almost lost me for a little while but dragged me back in with having an actual nice story line at its core. I just think everything about Fox works in the best possible manner and he is so likeable in this type of role.

While I would not be rushing to watch this again any time soon, I am pleased to tick it off the list as seen. It had some interesting factors to offer and you would hope given the differences in time that this type of thing just wouldn’t really have the same impact now as individuals seem to be more accepted as teens now.

4 thoughts on “Teen Wolf (1985) Review

  1. I watched this way back when it first came out on video, and then multiple times afterwards. It was a weird, quirky comedy that I remember caught my family off guard because the movie received very little publicity. I have no idea how the movie would hold up now, but back in the mid 80s we had a lot of good laughs.

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