The War with Grandpa (2020) Review

When Grandpa Ed comes to live with the family as much as they all love him Peter is about to declare war when he is moved out of his bedroom and into the loft.


The film was rather predictable and I wasn’t expecting very much from it and that was confirmed. However, the lengths that both Ed and Peter went to in the “War” against the other was a little bit extreme at times and really was brought to a head at the birthday party. I think the scene I actually thought was slightly amusing was the dodgeball at the trampoline park.

Peter enlists the help of his friends in order to come up with ideas to try and force Ed out of his bedroom. Although the worst thing about it all was that Ed did not even want to be living with his daughter Sally, son-in-law Arthur and three grandchildren he loved having his own space.

It does try at times to go a little bit deeper but I personally didn’t feel it managed to do that for me personally, it might have for others but that was trying to please all ages of viewers with the more slapstick comedy moments aimed at kids. I just felt it failed on all possible avenues and that was some what disappointing.

Considering I watched this a few days after Yes Day, and the set up is quite similar with different aged kids to hit different viewers in terms of age groups, this one utterly fails compared to that one. Despite trying to tug at your heartstrings it is just a film that offers nothing overall.

This was by no means the worst we have seen from Robert De Niro as I still have the trauma from seeing Bad Grandpa at the cinema back on its release. But he just isn’t given much to work with in this one. I felt the same for Uma Thurman who I actually enjoyed in the role of a mother and I feel she doesn’t even look like she is ageing at all. Christopher Walken wasn’t used enough though was he?

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