Yes Day (2021) Review

The Torres family are dominated by the word “no” being constantly used and Allison and Carlos agree to having a yes day with their three children. This depended on good behaviour and grades at school and for one full day they had to say yes to everything (some ground rules in place of course).


This was just too perfect for Katie, Nando and Ellie all different ages from teen, tween and younger. Which I guess is great to hit so many different age ranges in terms of audience. The concept behind it is pretty interesting though isn’t it, not being allowed to say no to any of the requests after the guidelines have been put in place of course as that could get a little bit well illegal I suppose.

We see Katie struggling to break free from her mother who is not overly keen for her to attend her first concert with just her friends, with good reason of course. That is probably the biggest plot running throughout the whole film and how it just happens to fall on yes day. Nando wants nothing more than to throw a nerd party with plenty of science involved and Ellie just is happy to go along with everything.

I have to admit that I wasn’t overly sure about watching this film but it was certainly enough fun and I imagine it will be very good for a family viewing, although some parents might not want their children having the idea of a yes day! Although given the past year of lockdowns and everything being taken away hopefully it could also encourage a lot of fun being made as well. I mean who wouldn’t love to try to take on that ice cream challenge? But to top off the film it had a good heart at its core with a family dealing with children who are growing up and want to do things without them.

I guess I actually decided to watch it because of Jennifer Garner who is as good as ever and that is something that is just great, I mean I personally don’t even feel that she is ageing at all. She carries her role off very well and that is something that I was very pleased about. Edgar Ramirez was equally good alongside her and they made a very good pair. Jenna Ortega was given some good moments along with Julian Lerner and Everly Carganilla.

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