Drive (2011) Review

The Driver who during the day is a Hollywood stuntman and mechanic but at night becomes a getaway driver. He finds himself in big trouble when he attempts to help his neighbour Irene and her young son.


As Driver and Irene’s relationship begins to grow it is interrupted when her husband Standard Gabriel is released from prison. it was never going to be easy considering he owed protection money from his time in prison and is assaulted by a gangster and demanded to rob a pawnshop to pay off the debt. This is when Driver offers to be the getaway driver for the robbery, mainly to help Irene and her son.

After this event more unfolds as his paths cross with Shannon who owns the auto shop that he works in. Bernie Ross who wants the money and Nino who also wanted the money. I guess this shows that the big moral of the story is that people will do pretty much anything for a lot of money! The strangest thing with this is that Driver actually had no idea how much money was involved and ended up with it by chance, hence putting his life on the line. It has plenty of twists and turns and manages to keep everything moving at a very good pace.

Drive is a sleek and stylish film with a fantastic cast and impressive leading performance, especially given Driver only speaks 891 words throughout the whole film. Which I guess makes Ryan Gosling show that you don’t need to say very much to deliver a truly tense performance. That is what he manages to do in the best possible manner, I have always been quite a fan of his and I think this film shows a truly different side to his acting and that the range he has is bigger than a lot of people give him credit for. Then paired opposite Carey Mulligan who has been a favourite of mine for many years now which makes it even more crazy that I have only just caught up with this film coming up to ten years since its release.

Let’s now talk about the more supporting cast and that I truly had no idea who else was even in this film. Again another shocking fact at how much I had just somewhat avoided this film. Seriously it was not intentional at all. I mean come on we have Bryan Cranston who is truly fantastic and given Gosling’s mysterious Driver character who hardly speaks someone had to fill the silence and that is something he does in a spectacular manner and give the majority of it wasn’t even scripted it was definitely entertaining. Albert Brooks is another who takes on the bad guy role with Ron Perlman doing similar. Oscar Isaac was another nice surprise albeit his role is not really too big. With all of these incredible performances it is no wonder Drive just worked.

I can now eventually understand the hype that surrounds this film and that the stylish and cool nature is something that is a joy visually to watch. Some truly outstanding shots of the car and I have pretty much decided that Baby Driver was just attempting to be on the same level as Drive. In reality it doesn’t even come close to this with Ryan Gosling in the drivers seat!

2 thoughts on “Drive (2011) Review

    • Oh I totally agree, really impressed with it. Was always going to be a tough one to eventually catch up with given the hype surrounding it.


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