The Cry Baby Killer (1958) Review

After Jimmy Wallace had been brutally beaten and tries to eventually stand up for himself, the worst thing possible happens when a gun is involved and he believes he has killed two people. Then holding a man, woman and her baby as hostages in a small storeroom.


The plot is very thin as Jimmy had been moving in on Manny Cole’s girl, Carole Fields leading to the violence and the moment which saw Jimmy take the hostages due to fear. As he cannot cope with the situation very well at all. Despite what the police, Carole and then his parents are saying from outside. Although he does eventually show compassion to the baby being hungry after holding a gun to it, which was a little bit of a woah moment!

No hiding the reason I decided to watch this film was to see Jack Nicholson’s film debut. As I don’t think I would have ever even come across this film without that being the main fact about it. The running time is just over an hour and quite frankly that was long enough given the lack of interesting story behind it all.

Given it being his first role and he does get plenty of dialogue and seeing him do that was pretty good in all honesty. It just made me think about all the people who saw this film on release and really had no idea that he would go on to become one of the greatest actors of a generation. Something I really enjoy is going back in time through an actors filmography and thanks to Amazon Prime Video managed to witness this one.

While it does not bring a lot to talk about other than Nicholson starting out, it is always good to see films from the 1950s as so many things can actually still be thought about in present day life. That is something I always find crazy with films and the stories in them and how people act, as we never seem to learn or grow and doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

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