Brief Encounter – 75th Anniversary

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to be able to get to a screening of Brief Encounter at the cinema, Odeon in the Metro Centre to be exact! A film that is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year and one that I have watched many times over the years and consider it to be one of my favourites. To see this incredible film on the big screen was a truly fantastic time.

Released in 1945 and still having so much to offer in 2020 is a remarkable achievement. Something that I don’t think happens too often, everything she goes through and talks about “in her head” we can still relate to now. Yes, we have technology and social media etc but the feelings of love and despair are something that have not really changed.

The story of two married people quickly falling in love with one another is somehow so lovely and then was always going to be heartbreaking. Everything about the relationship they begin feels so innocent as they just enjoy the company of the other person. Going to the pictures to see a film and having lunch together. They didn’t really know each other too well and everything is ripped apart when he must leave.

Noel Coward wrote the play Still Life which this film is then based on. Something so amazing about his plays and the way his characters have so much depth. I really do admire that and have enjoyed getting to know his work better over the years.

I seem to be drawn towards rather depressing films at times and this one certainly confirms just that. I more think it is realistic though as not every moment in our life is happy and not everything has a happy ending. Sometimes this makes for a more reassuring journey, knowing that you aren’t going to get that fake “and they lived happily ever after” to end something.

The only thing that I felt was a shame was that the cinema screening I attended only had six people in total. I mean that was perfect for very quiet and undisturbed viewing but a film this good surely deserved a few more than that? I would have certainly hoped so!

4 thoughts on “Brief Encounter – 75th Anniversary

  1. I’ve never seen it – but sounds like yet another to add to my list.

    “I more think it is realistic though as not every moment in our life is happy and not everything has a happy ending.” – TRUTH. Sometimes it’s one of the best experiences about watching films, they put a human face on universal and sometimes painful things and help us relate. 🙂

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