Family Business (1989) Review

Three generations of the same family are brought together for a robbery when Adam is offered to make $1m by stealing from a high tech companies lab. Enlisting the help of his Grandfather Jessie it’s not long before his father Vito is in on the act to protect him as well.


Everything about Family Business sounds like it should be a half decent film, unfortunately it is below average and a little bit messy which was more of a shame than anything else.

The storyline should have been very good and engaging as we put family arguments and disagreements to the side as the three generations work together to pull off the heist. Something Jessie has done a lot of over the years, even ending up with Vito spending some time in prison. He did not want the same for Adam and did things very differently when raising him. Although it seemed he could not get away from the criminal lifestyle.

Adam is well out of his depth and that is very clear to see even before they head to the lab for the robbery. Something was always going to go wrong it was just in what way. He was not made for that type of thing and you could see everything unfolding very quickly. Then testing the men’s loyalty to one another and wondering if they can confess or not. The thing is by that point though I wasn’t really bothered what they did next. Kinda felt like Adam deserved everything he got! Maybe harsh but he wasn’t willing to listen to his father in the build up.

I would have hoped with the very impressive cast of Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman and Matthew Broderick that this could have been something so much more. The issue though was that all three actors were not really given the best script to work with. Connery still had a few good lines but not nearly as many as he should have been. More charisma could and should have been added for his character and it might have made the film more watchable.

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