The Blues Brothers (1980) Review


When Jake Blues is released from prison he is reunited with his brother Elwood looking to put together his old band in an attempt to save the Catholic home where they were raised. It was never going to be an easy or straight forward journey that is for sure!


The Blues Brothers is a truly fantastic and quite unique film managing to create a perfect mixture of comedy and music. The music is outstanding and they have so many incredible singers and musicians popping out in different scenes for a lovely sing-a-long. The standout certainly coming from the legend that is Aretha Franklin, that scene is just so perfect and her vocals are something else.

I have now watched this film twice and I have to admit that before the first viewing I had never really fancied watching it. Something I almost immediately regretted as it really does have loads of good and different things going on for it. That is something I really appreciate when it comes to different styles of films.

John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd work so effortlessly together and really bounce off one another in the best possible manner. It was great to see Aykroyd in this type of role as its very different to those I have seen him in the past. I hadn’t seen anything with Belushi and really enjoyed it such a shame he died so young at age 33, two years after this film was released. He certainly had a lot of talent.

Then we have an amazing small role, which could even be considering a cameo from Carrie Fisher. Popping up as a mystery woman who tries to kill Jake for leaving her at the altar! Something that was very unexpected in the story going on and a true joy.

As I have already mentioned Aretha Franklin the ultimate scene stealer. We also get James Brown, Cab Calloway and Ray Charles giving some fantastic vocal performances with some great sequences. Something that is a true joy to watch, the absolute legends from the music scene making appearances in this film.

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