Match Point (2005) Review


Chris Wilton is a former tennis pro and when working at an upscale club in London coaching tennis he meets Tom Hewett as a client, it doesn’t take long for Chris to meet his family and get involved with his sister Chloe while being infatuated with Nola Rise the fiancé of Tom.


Match Point feels like two films mashed up to become one film which is why I ended up giving it a rather low two star rating. Parts of it I totally loved and really enjoyed but then the disappointment in the outcomes and some scenes were too much in all honesty. Therefore it is actually quite the rollercoaster ride throughout.

Chris is really struggling for money since quitting as a pro tennis player and is pretty much starting a new life. He is quite the draw as a coach really considering his professional background. Getting in with Tom Hewett would really change everything though considering how rich his father Alec is, a very upper class family. Don’t get me wrong though they seem nice enough at appearance value. Eleanor is totally against her son marrying Nola an American struggling actress, she even tells her how stupid it still is for her to be pursuing that.

Chris is drawn to Nola immediately and he is rather obsessed with her, as they both cheat on their partners brother and sister duo. Something they never find out about, when Tom breaks up with Nola she disappears from London and he quickly marries someone else, who just happens to be pregnant. Anyway Chris bumps into Nola one day and the affair begins and is very intense. He promises that he will leave Chloe for her but the excuses to come clean are constant. He has a nice life and money so why could he possibly change that?

You cannot help but feel for Nola as she is taken in by everything he says and does. Considering her background with the family it was always going to be extremely complicated. I just quite frankly really hated the ending even when it became obvious on what was going to happen I hoped that something would stop it from happening. Also Chloe was one of the worst characters I have seen on screen how she was constantly shouting for Chris all of the time and behaving like a 10 year old child, so annoying. Apologises just had to rant a little about that as it was very frustrating and irritating.

Scarlett Johansson was easily the very best thing about this whole film and she shows how good she is in different roles. It was just a shame those around her weren’t given better moments. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is ok in the leading role although he doesn’t really offer much charm or charisma in this film although that seems to be more of his acting style going for the intense and moody approach. Brian Cox, Matthew Goode and Penelope Wilton offer decent support. James Nesbitt in more of a cameo timed role towards the end was a nice little surprise.

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