Red Lights (2012) Review


Tom Buckley is an assistant to psychologist Margaret Matheson in which they study paranormal activity, this leads to an investigation into Simon Silver a very well known psychic who has recently reappeared years after a critic passed away.


I had never heard of Red Lights before deciding to watch it and the main thing that grabbed my attention was the very impressive cast it has. Very strong across the leading and supporting roles which is always want you want from a film right? Of course it is, so I really did want to like and enjoy this film a lot. Unfortunately I found it to be a little all over the place in trying to decide on which genre it was going to more fit into. Horror? Fantasy? Drama? Can a film really try to dip into all of those without really picking one to really focus on. That is something I am now doubting.

Tom Buckley a physicist has been working with Margaret looking into paranormal phenomena, observing the reemergence of Simon Silver. Death seems to follow and surround Silver and everything is well a little bit strange. This consumes Buckley as he fights to find out what has really been going on. The plot is rather twisted and difficult to follow at times and I am not risking any spoilers within it.

Cillian Murphy has some very tough scenes in what is the leading role and quite frankly he is a very good actor isn’t he! I don’t feel I have actually seen him in enough films which is something I know I need to change. I am always impressed with Sigourney Weaver’s screen presence as she really does steal scenes she is part of. The main reason I decided to watch this film was Robert De Niro, I have been having quite the De Niro season going on. He is in more of a supporting role with this one and another very different type of role. I enjoyed seeing Elizabeth Olsen in the film as well, even though it is just a support part.

I guess this was just one of those films that wasn’t really for me and parts of it went over my head in all honesty. I don’t mind admitting that as that is something that I love about watching films. Some you relate to and love, some you just well don’t. Some of the scenes are rather disturbing I feel I must add which probably made it more uncomfortable.

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