The Big Show Show (Season 1) Review


Big Show has finished wrestling and now must work out what to do with his days, raising two daughters with his wife Cassy. His teenage daughter is making the big move to come and live with them and that creates plenty of interesting situations!


Now until clicking on Netflix a few nights ago I had no idea this show was a thing. Being a big wrestling fan back in the late 90s and early 00s I couldn’t resist watching something with Big Show in! He was one of the big wrestlings during the period I watched it so to see him get his own comedy show was something I found myself intrigued.

I am therefore very pleased I decided to watch it, I feel this comedy show is exactly what we need right now. It is carefree and has plenty of funny moments throughout. Big Show works so well as a character with three daughters and trying to do his best for them. Forgetting that he is 7 foot tall and weights 400 pounds and how that might just intimate boys a little. Especially when it came to Lola being new to town and in a new school, how she would cope with that and getting on with her sisters. Mandy who during the storylines runs to be lower class president and pretty much wants to rule the world. Then J.J who gets into plenty of trouble and seems very interested in computer hacking it seems.

We get to the wrestling belts a few times and this is highlighted to show how important they are to Show. I will admit that hearing him called just Show and Big Show is a little strange as that wrestling name was obviously a stage name for Paul Wight. But it makes sense considering it is the Big Show Show. We get one amazing episode featuring Mark Henry, Mick Foley and Rikishi all of which were part of the WWE back in the days when I used to watch it. So seeing them and singing a Backstreet Boys song was fantastic it has to be said. I am hoping if we get more seasons we might see more former wrestlers getting involved?

The best thing from Big Show/Paul Wight in terms of the acting is that he comes across very likeable and that is important with a show like this. His sheer size and strength used to create some of the comedy with pulling doors off as if they were nothing. His wife Cassy had been working in real estate and really enjoyed her job as well as raising her strong independent daughters.

Reylynn Caster, Lily Brooks O’Briant and Juliet Donenfeld all show fantastic potential within the show and very good timing for some of the lines and moments. An important aspect of a show with child actors and I am happy to say this just all works in the best possible way.

I feel as though the show puts across plenty of good messages and looks into the different social media uses for different generations. Plenty of harmless fun, something we need more than ever right now but in all honesty something we just need more of in general. I imagine that it will hit plenty of different age ranges and therefore introduce a whole new generation to the wrestler Big Show!

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